Pastor Information

Some things to know about your Consultant

The Consistory of St. Jacob UCC and I have agreed on a Covenant for me to be a consultant to your church during this pastoral vacancy.  I spent 18 years as a Lutheran pastor and I have training in the Intentional Interim Ministry.  Intentional Interims are in short supply so I have stepped up to provide the church with leadership, knowledge and experience as we move forward during this vacancy.

I will give you approximately 15-20 hours a week.  I work Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 7:00 am-7 pm as an EMT for Health Transport Partners located in Leaders Heights. We are a medical transport company.  During those days I am unavailable. If there is an emergency please contact Pastor Lisa at St. Jacob Lutheran.  I have been an EMT for 21½ years.

Yes, Pastor Lisa and I were married and are now separated and have been for several years. Lisa is the part-time Protestant Chaplain at York College and the contract pastor for St. Jacob Lutheran Church in York-New Salem. She will be covering any pastoral things that I can not do.

         Lisa and I have a 21 year old daughter, Madeline.  Madeline was adopted from China in 2002.  She will begin her senior year at Gettysburg College. She is a Medical Science Major with a Neuroscience minor. Don’t ask me what she is going to do with that.

      I live in York City behind the Lutheran Home on Kelly Drive.  I have lived there since 1999.  I have two cats, Blossom and Sadie.  They keep each other going.

   I graduated from Millersville University in 1990 with a B.A. in Psychology.  In 1994, I received my M.Div. from Gettysburg Lutheran Seminary where I was class president.  I completed a Clinical Pastoral Education unit at the Lutheran Home in Gettysburg in 1991 and an internship year in Rochester, NY in 1992-1993. In 2008, I took a 60 hour training course for Intentional  Interim ministry.


I love football.  I am a Steelers fan andI am a University of Georgia fan.  I love the strategy of football, especially the passing game.  I collect playbooks from other coaches, both offensive and defensive.  I am also a Phillies fan during baseball season.  I love to read, especially history and the Civil War and I will also give tours of the Gettysburg Battlefield with food as payment.


I will keep office hours on Tuesday and Thursday from approximately 9:00-2:00. Those hours will depend on how work goes the previous day. I welcome visitors, but if you need to see me, please call or text me to make sure that I am in.



Contact Info:

Office Hours: Tuesday & Thursday

Phone: 717-792-4326